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Our Vision

Designed by Nature - Crafted By Hand

Our motto, Designed by Nature - Crafted by Hand is the motto we work towards everyday.  Designed by nature means that we work with nature rather than working against it, this means that we have to work with the cracks and fissures that form as wood dries, we will do so, or rather than adding color to a wood through stains or finishes, we will search for these colors in nature through different species of wood. Crafted by Hand doesn't mean that we don't use power tools, we certainly do! Instead this means that every piece has been carefully designed, crafted, and inspected by a skilled crafts person. Not only does this help us to maintain a connection to each and every piece we create, but it also helps us to maintain the highest quality standards

Our Commitment to Local

We believe that supporting other local artisans, craftspeople, and suppliers will build a stronger community. Our goal is to source the majority of our raw materials from Canadian suppliers. Whether this means working with local furniture makers to reuse their excess wood, fostering relationships with Machinists in Quebec to create our signature stainless steel bottle stoppers, or finding local beekeepers for fresh local beeswax for our beeswax finishes. Everyday we strive to find a new Canadian source for our raw materials and will continue this commitment into the future!

Meet jake

Jake Humphrey, began woodworking at the age of 12 in Powell River, BC. At the time, he used his parents garage as a makeshift workshop where he made walking sticks, candle holders and small pieces of furniture. On the weekends and at Christmas, he spent my time at local craft fairs selling my handmade goods.

​By the time Jake was 15, he had moved to Shawnigan Lake and started Pacific Woodworks. This allowed him to venture into fine woodwork and wood turning, selling goods at local craft fairs and art galleries. Jakes passion for wood turning landed him a job at a local fine woodworking shop when he was 17, giving him valuable experience working as a furniture maker, and a constant source of wood to turn on the weekends. 

In the years since, Jake ventured away from woodworking. Attending college to get a diploma in Environmental Sciences, University for a degree in Geography, and eventually Grad School. However, he realized that woodworking was something that he enjoyed too much to push to the wayside. In early 2017, Jake purchased a new lathe and have been turning at every chance he gets! In 2018, Jake has expanded his business and is working on introducing new products and designs under the brand new name Pacifica Woodwork & Design. 

Jake Humphrey
Founder & Head Craftsman
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